The most often heard phrase from visitors to Kailzie is that it is a special place. And for decades it has drawn couples who want to have a unique wedding – not one that is mass produced where you are just participants in a well-oiled ‘wedding machine’.

We believe that your wedding should be unique!

Too often you will find yourself in the hands of a wedding planner with glossy brochures being slotted into a highly commercially driven enterprise where you will discover that, despite your best efforts, you are having a wedding that is almost identical to others being held in that venue. At some venues they will even ‘process’ three marriages in the venue in the same week!

Our approach is completely different.

Kailzie offers the chance to incorporate an open-air ceremony and stunning natural backdrop to create an immersive ambience and experience for your wedding. It will truly be one off and memorable for both you and your guests.

There are a great many superb locations within the woodlands, burnside and walled garden you can choose for your ceremony and to entertain your guests.

And the same for the wedding breakfast and entertainment – we can offer intimate and micro weddings using the carriage rooms.


Should your numbers be larger (all the way to 150) we can also offer a multiplicity of structures as you wish, from Ti Pis, geodomes and traditional marquees.

We put sustainability at the heart of our weddings and act as good locavores – where we are not providing ingredients and food from our own gardens.

Please call us to meet up and we can get to know you as we show you around the beautiful gardens and try to create the perfect wedding day for you.

And one of the nice things about being married at Kailzie is that you can revisit your venue time and time again as Kailzie will capture you and give you both your own special place with special memories.