The gardens have a signal post wildlife and nature trail which leads walkers through the gardens and grounds on a journey of discovery to learn about wildlife that can be spotted nearby.

There are rubbing plaques attached to some of the signal posts for children to make a memorable artistic impression of wildlife that inhabits the area too and some sound posts to hear the seasonal bird calls and learn which birds to listen out for.

The wildlife at Kailzie is exceptional!

As you stroll through the gardens and woodlands you will see many native and exotic plant species which are literally buzzing with wildlife including bees and butterflies attracted by the food and habitats provided by these plants.

You can also spot many significant bird species which enjoy the breeding grounds of the surrounding countryside; goshawks, osprey, black grouse, wheateater, whinchat, spotted flycatchers, ring ouzel and ravens can be spotted. We are delighted that red squirrels have returned! Otters can sometimes be seen and we have many sika and roe deer towards dusk as well as barn owls.